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ITWIIN among the female associations in Italy

ITWIIN is an Italian women’s association which acts in the field of invention and innovation, both autonomously and in collaboration with other entities, principally aiming at:
  • building up a network for information exchange, projects and initiatives concerning the development of new products, services and processes
  • assisting women in terms of guidance, training and support to creating consortia and preparing projects at National/European level
  • promoting events (meetings, debates, initiatives,…) for the active diffusion of the invention/innovation culture.
ITWIIN distinguishes itself from other Italian women’s associations for it acts to provide opportunities to Italian creative, innovative women by boosting creativity, invention and innovation in working contexts as well as in educational ones, and by favouring the introduction of new products/services and processes.
To join the ITWIIN women’s Association, or to make donations to support our initiatives, please use our bank details in the following:

Domestic transfers IBAN: IT 30 R 02008 11820 000100922780
Foreign transfers BIC UNCRITM1M57 linked to IBAN IT 30 R 02008 11820 000100922780
Unicredit Via Battisti Vicenza