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ITWIIN 2010 Conference & Prize

ITWIIN 2010 Conference & Prize ITWIIN 2010 Conference & Prize
Bari, 24 June 2010
Sala Convegni [Meeting Hall], Confindustria
Via Amendola 172/R, Bari (IT)

DISTI (the District of Scientific and Technological Information for Innovation) organizes the second edition of ITWIIN 2010 Conference & Prize; other partners of this initiative are: CNR (the National Research Council), Puglia Regional Authority, ARTI (the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation), Office of Parity Councellor of Puglia Region, Politecnico di Bari, Italgest, IAMB, ANFeA, BTI (BridgesToItaly), Telpress, De Simone&Partners, Studio Petruzzelli (Vicenza).

The Competition awards 5.000 euro plus advice services for the Best Woman Inventor and the Best Woman Innovator. Participation is through applying to the competition notice and the annexed form, free-of-charge.

The Conference will deal with the theme "Information: between Research and Enterprise", i.e. with the role which information can correctly play within the dialogue between researchers and entrepreneurs for the transfer of knowledge and technologies. The conference and the awarding ceremony are open to the public and will take place on the 24th June 2010 in Bari, at the Sala Convegni [Meeting Hall] of Confindustria, according to the following programme:

9.00 a.m. - Welcome
Teresa Caradonna, Chairwoman of Female Plural Committee, Confindustria, Bari
Rita Assogna, ITWIIN President
Stefania Mandurino, Chairwoman of Female Plural Committee, Confindustria, Puglia

Partners’ addresses
Augusto Garuccio, Vice Rector, University of Bari
Nicola Martinelli, Vice Rector, Politecnico of Bari
Pier Francesco Biagi, ANFeA – National Association of Physics and Applications
Paride De Masi, President of Italgest and Coordinator of Renewable Energies, Confindustria

Parallel session: "My project is not a dream. It’s a business"
The women finalists of ITWIIN 2010 competition meet the enterprises

Coordinator: Elisabetta Durante (ITWIIN, DISTI, UGIS)

Interventions by:
Annamaria Annicchiarico, Director, Tecnopolis STP: Information and enterprise creation
Manuela Arata, Technology Transfer Office, CNR: The information in the Innovation chain
Olga Capasso, De Simone&Partners: Informazione and culture of patenting
Cristiana Coppola, V. Presidente Confindustria: Enterprise and Research
Martina De Sole, APRE National Contact Point: Resource Europe
Francesco Estrafallances, Resp. of Economics Area, Censis: Photography of a problem
Elisabetta Olivi, European Commission: European Policy for Women in Science
Giuliana Trisorio Liuzzi, President of ARTI: Puglia Laboratory

Other contributions by:
Paola G. Di Caro, Director, ANG – Ministry for Youth
Eleonora Ciciriello, enterprise consultant - PMI Sviluppo

11.00 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. Coffee break

Results of the competition:

Awards will be handed out by: Loredana Capone, V. President; Elena Gentile, Labour Assessor and PO; Serenella Molendini, Councellor for Parity – Puglia Regional Government

The award will be handed out by Bola Olabisi, President of EUWIIN and V. Pres. Of British Association of Women Entrepreneurs

AIWECA Award for an innovative Professional Woman in the Euromediterranean Cooperation in Agriculture (IAMB)
The award will be handed out by Cosimo Lacirignola, Director, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

The award will be handed out by Pasquale D'Innella Capano, Telpress CEO

00,30 p.m. Conclusions
Nichi Vendola, President, Puglia Regional Government
Alessandro Laterza, President, Commission for Culture of Confindustria


Composition of TECHNICAL JURY (in charge of selecting the competition finalists):
Rita Assogna – ITWIIN President, Principal Examiner at European Patent Office
Cristina Battaglia – Presidente, BIC Liguria, CNR Technologist
Maria Augusta Fioruzzi – IPR Consultant, Expert on design protection, de Simone&Partners
Roberta Martinetti –A.Q./A.R. Resp., Finceramica Faenza S.p.A.
Claudio Pasqua – Science Journalist, Time&Mind Publisher, Turin

An additional JURY, composed of ENTREPRENEURS, will select, jointly with the TECHNICAL JURY, the competition winners, in the morning of the 24th June in Bari, after having listened to the finalists presentations. This is to emphasize the important role played, in the knowledge society, by the capacity to inform and communicate a scientific/technological result to entrepreneurs, evaluators, potential investors, public policy-makers, and researchers from various sectors.

The JURY OF ENTREPRENEURS is composed by:
Giada Bronzino – Vice president, APID Turin and Unionmeccanica, Resp. of Quality & Management Control at Autoblok S.p.A.
Angelo Del Carlo – Director, G. Lazzareschi Foundation
Cesare De Palma – Administrator of De Palma Thermofluid and Member of Apulian Mechanics District
Rosanna Dimida – Administrator, D.F. s.r.l., Brindisi
Pasquale D'Innella Capano – CEO of Telpress-Italia S.p.A. and DISTI’s partner
Massimo Franzaroli – President, Pulsar and Club Tecnologia e Passione
Marina Lalli – President, Terme di Margherita di Savoia s.r.l.
Stefania Leuci – President, Soateam S.p.A. and Female Plural Committee of Confindustria, Lecce
Maria Pia Liguori - Project Leader, Red Hot s.r.l., Foggia
Tina Luciano – Commercial Resp.,Bellino s.r.l., President of Mechanics Section at Confindustria Bari/B.A.T., President of Apulian Mechanics District
Lella Miccolis - Administrator, Progeva s.r.l., and Me mber of Apulian Environment and Recycling District, Taranto
Michele Vinci – President, Masmec S.p.A., and Delegate for the Technological Districts of Confindustria Puglia


ITWIIN 2010 partners have raffled three Special Prizes:

THE AWARD - Honoring Italian Women Scientists in America, for the Italian scientist in America most voted by the community of researchers and professionals who gather around the Californian BridgesToItaly association's social network.

The AIWECA Award for an Innovative Professional Woman in the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in Agriculture, jointly assigned to the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari-Valenzano (IAMB) and to ITWIIN is given to a woman expert, who after having been trained in the Centre of Valenzano, has undertaken a working path able to strengthen the dialogue and the cooperation and to maintain collaboration and mutual exchange relationships in the agricultural field between Europa and the Mediterranean, so witnessing the actuality of professional choices aimed to favour the common progress and the mutual integration.
The DISTI-TELPRESS Award: DISTI (District of Scientific and Technological Information for Innovation) and TELPRESS Italy SpA give a 500 euro prize tothe woman author of the project that, among all participants in the ITWIIN Prize and associated Special Prizes competitions, is able to demonstrate the highest effectiveness in communication.