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The Genius of Women: Inventions and Innovation Made-in-Italy

The Genius of Women: Inventions and Innovation Made-in-Italy Italian women inventors and innovators and their extraordinary stories on new ideas, new enterprises and new abilities for re-thinking and transforming the present in science, technology, communication, design, art, and fashion: from June 11 to July 11, 2009, Milan will host “The Genius of Women: Inventions and Innovation made in Italy”, a series of events promoted by ITWIIN ( and aimed to valorize creativity, experiences and role of women in innovation.

The project intends to investigate practices and policies able to support and assist women in invention/innovation processes, to favour women’s creative work in research and innovative entrepreneurship, to award the Italian female talent in creating new products, processes and services. In fact, the event in Milan wills host also the first edition of the twofold ITWIIN PRIZE, awarded to the best woman Inventor and to the best woman Innovator: 62 candidatures have been submitted to the competition from all over Italy, concerning an equal number of patents / projects.
However, during the Milan event two special Prizes will also be awarded:

1) THE PREMIO AWARD for the Italian female scientist in USA most voted by the community of researchers and professionals gathered around the social network of “BRIDGES TO ITALY” Californian association, which promotes the initiative jointly with ITWIIN;

2) THE DISTI-ITWIIN PRIZE, awarded by DISTI (the District of Scientific and Technological Information for Innovation) to the female author of the best innovation-supporting communication, information or training project/activity.

The Milan initiative, cared by ITWIIN and Studio Donghi, paves the way to the European event of the homologous association EUWIIN named “European Women Inventors & Innovators Network Exhibition, Conference & Award Ceremony", which will be held in Helsinki on 7-9 October, 2009 (


Thursday, 11th June 2009
Archivio di Stato, Palazzo del Senato, via Senato 10, Milan

00.00-00.20 p.m.:
PRESS CONFERENCE (by invitation)

00.30 p.m.:


(11-29 June 2009, from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., from Friday to Saturday)

Rita Assogna
EPO, President of ITWIIN

Luigi Rossi Bernardi
Assessor for Research, Innovation, Human Capital, City of Milan

Maria Barbara Bertini
Director, Archivio di Stato [State Archive], Milan

Anna Mocchi
Director, Conferences Incentives and Communication – Convegni srl

Claudia Amerio
President, NO FIDAPA-BPW District, ITALY

Gabriella Torri
Artistic Director

1.00 p.m.:

REFRESHMENT with wine tasting (by invitation)

3.00 - 6.00 p.m.:

SEMINAR on "Innovation protection for its valorization"

Olga Capasso
De Simone&Partners

Daniela Mainini
President, Centro Studi AntiContraffazione [Centre for Anti-Fraud Studies]

Renata Righetti
Bugnion S.p.A.

Thursday, 18 June 2009
Room ‘Bracco’, Circolo della Stampa [Press Club], Palazzo Serbelloni, Corso Venezia 2, Milan

4.00 - 4.30 p.m.:


Rita Assogna
EPO, President of ITWIIN

Letizia Moratti
Mayor, City of Milan

Bola Olabisi
CEO and Founder of GWIIN and EUWIIN

Giulia Bocchi
Italian Representation of the European Commission in Milan

4.30 - 68.30 p.m.:

ROUND TABLE "Women and innovation: case stories, initiatives, prospects"

Intervention by:

Adriana Albini
Resp. Cancer Research – Scientific and Technological Pole, IRCCS Multimedica of Milan

Barbara Busi
Sovvenzione Spinner2013, Emilia-Romagna Region

Laura Cima
Councellor for Parity, Province of Turin

Antonio Chiesi
Professor, Dept. Social and Political Studies, Università Statale of Milan

Paola De Paoli
President, UGIS

Tina Luciano
CEO, International Drilling Tools
President, Mechanics section, Confindustria Bari

Orietta Maizza
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Resp. Of International Affairs Service

Gianna Martinengo
Administrator of DIDAEL

Irene Martini
Scientific Director, SMARTBANK


Elisabetta Durante
Science Journalist, Il Sole 24 ORE


6.30-7,00 p.m.:


ore 19.00-19,30


“Le finaliste raccontano” [Finalists tell their success stories]

Tuesday, 30th June 2009
ChiamaMilano, Largo Corsia dei Servi, Milan

6.30 - 8.30 p.m.:

Presentation of the Exhibition " The Genius of Women: Inventions and Innovation Made in Italy ", dedicated to the 6 finalists of the ITWIIN PRIZE 2009

(30 June - 11 July 2009, at 12.00-20.00, from Monday to Sunday)

**The SEMINAR is free-of-charge, but a pre-registration is needed (

Please, also remember that ITWIIN members can take advantage of a consulteaching service, as first advice and orientation to evaluate specific IPR and business issues.