How to join us

Why join

Joining ITWIIN means improving, updating, bringing and offering your experience within the association in the most diverse sectors: from scientific research in various fields to technology transfer, from scientific communication to consulting. Furthermore, associating involves creating new products, services and processes. Joining ITWIIN also means supporting the various activities of the Association and participating in the organization of events and initiatives in their own sectors. For further details:

How to become a member

Membership annual fee is minimum 50 € (25 € for under-35 aged), which includes the participation in all ITWIIN’s initiatives.
Members of the Association can be all applying Italian people (or residents on Italian territory) who share the aims and purposes of ITWIIN. The admission of new members is subject to the favorable opinion by the Board, which shall give a feedback to applications within 60 days of receipt. Each member is required to pay the annual fee to the Association annually within 30 days of acceptance of the application.


For members there are also discounts on the various activities of the Association and a reserved area to access the material of seminars and courses.

Download the form!

By clicking on the button below you can download the registration form.
It is a pdf editable directly on the computer. There is no need to print and scan it, just send it back filled in as an attachment via email.